Simon St-Onge

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About Me

Born and raised in the French part of New Brunswick, Mr. St-Onge attended Université de Moncton as an Education Bachelor student, majoring in Social Sciences. Throughout his bachelor`s degree, he also had the opportunity to study abroad. He spent 4 months studying in Poitiers, France and travelling the continent.

After completing his degree in April 2015, Mr. St-Onge had the crazy idea to cycle across Canada. He spent 57 days cycling, rain or shine, across our beauthiful country. Throughout his trip, he also led a succesfull campaign raising suicide and mental awareness, and gathered more than $ 11 000 for an anual student bursary fund that will bear the name of his father.

With a strong background in sports, performing arts and "being French Canadian", Mr. St-Onge is now Parkland Composite`s new French Immersion teacher, teaching Phys. Ed, French language Arts, French Social Studies, Performing Arts and Drama.

If you want to know more about him or his trip across Canada, you can read more on his blog

Beware: French reading skills or Google Translate might be needed.