Concrete Theatre To Perform "Consent" at Pine Grove

On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 3rd, Concrete Theatre will be visiting Pine Grove to present the play “Consent” to our grade 7 and 8 students.  Written by award winning playwright Mieko Ouchi, “Consent” examines the emotional impact of a sexual encounter which occurs between a high school couple after they have been drinking at a party. The play answers questions surrounding the definition of consent within a relationship, explores how someone can go about asking for help when a sexual assault has occurred and tackles the issue of the social pressures that surround gender roles.

Concrete Theatre’s production is a powerful follow up to the recent SACE presentation about sexual harassment, sexual assault and consent. The show will illustrate how upsetting, confusing and potentially damaging sexual relationships can be if those involved do not understand what consent means. Students will have the opportunity to discuss the topic further during the human sexualtiy unit in health which will be taught from April to June.

If you have any questions or concerns, or do not wish your child to watch the play “Consent”, please contact the school at 780 723 5929.